Driving Innovation

Be involved in our  product and service strategy

Engage amongst the Collabware executive and product development teams, customers and partners to collaborate on product direction and network with technology peers.

Collabware takes feedback from our customers seriously. It’s what helps us evolve and propel our products. Because of the valuable opinion and advice from our users and partners, we stay informed on industry trends and ensure our products and services remain in sync with our customer’s business direction.

During our CPAC conferences twice a year, we fly participants to our headquarters in beautiful Vancouver, BC and offer a comprehensive series of topics to gather feedback and validate our development goals.

You'll gain early insights and be able to provide feedback during discussions, including:

  • Roadmap discussion
  • Early demos and wireframes on new features in progress 
  • Review of feature & fix requests
  • Insight into our Development Methodology
  • Interactive sessions
  • CPAC roundtable discussion
  • Deep dives on specific topics

If you'd like to join our council or for more information, please complete the application.